Shaun (donovanbain) wrote in myspace_furs,

The Fur Meet

The fur meet my mate and I hosted this past weekend was not a huge success, but it was damn fun. There was only 5 of us who participated, and it rained Friday night. djeinst (from CT) and gogojihadsj (from NY) showed up. There was suppose to be one more, but school got in the way.
Friday we all went out to dinner at the Great Wall Buffet, bought a 61inch HD television, went out to the mall with kveldulfb, and played a little at the playground until it started rain. That was a bummer. Playing at the playground was my favorite part of the meet. Saturday we hung went out to Ponderosa with kveldulfb for lunch, and came back and watched a movie on the big screen. Then we took a group pic and said our goodbyes.
I'm hoping to through another meet together soon.
Plus hoping to have a fur Halloween party and possibly go to FF this year.

See you out there......
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